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Call your Legislators!

Published:  June 6, 2019

Call Your Legislators to Fund Our Future!

We have rallied. We have marched. We have held local forums. We have emailed our legislators. And we have made a lot of progress. Education funding is at the top of the agenda on Beacon Hill.

But the fight is far from over. Our goals in the next two months are to win passage of a strong preK-12 foundation budget bill based on the principles in the Promise Act and to make significant progress toward passage of the Cherish Act, which would restore state funding to public colleges and universities to levels set in fiscal year 2001.

We need to hold our legislators — strong allies and holdouts alike — accountable for pushing hard for funding bills on our terms. Please call your state representative and state senator TODAY.

Contact Information for State Reps & Senators

·        Phone numbers for state representatives

·        Phone numbers for state senators

The following is a phone script you can use. Please feel free to modify it.

Hello, I am trying to reach Representative/Senator _______ to talk about two crucial bills to support students and public education in Massachusetts.

Once connected to the appropriate legislator or staff member:

Hi, my name is __________ and I live/work in ________ (name of community where you live or work whichever is in the legislator’s district).

I am an educator/parent/student and a strong supporter of the Promise Act and the Cherish Act, which together would increase funding for our public schools and colleges by more than $1.5 billion a year to make sure all students have an opportunity to learn.

[If the legislator sponsored either the Promise or Cherish Act, thank them. Go here to find out who sponsored.]

I understand that the Education Committee is planning to release a “consensus bill” to update the public school foundation budget formula in June. As an educator in your district, I am asking you to write to House Chair Peisch/Senate Chair Lewis of the committee to let them know that you want a bill that includes all three of the following principles:

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