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First Paycheck FAQ's

Published:  July 24, 2015

Why did this occur?

The timing issue of the first paycheck changes about every 5 years (click here to see the payroll schedule).  It happens in the year when Labor Day goes from being very early to later.  Last year, Labor Day was a week earlier than it is this year which allowed employees/Unit A members to be paid in a timely fashion.  Since we start two weeks before Labor Day, the fact that is a week later, impacts our first pay check.  Since we are starting on the 24th this year (we started on the 18th last year), we will have worked no hours during the payroll period that is covered by the check on the 28th, as can be seen by the chart below.  Therefore the first bi-weekly pay date that we will have worked hours is the 11th.  As we said earlier, the District has agreed to pay teachers their first check on an off bi-weekly pay date- the 4th of September, and their second check on the 25th, which will put us back on the bi-weekly pay schedule.  We asked the District to keep teachers on the off schedule for the year, but they are unwilling (they say unable) to do so.

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