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Time to Unite - Wear BLUE and Stand Out!!

Published:  March 10, 2017

7 months ago in response to conversations we had with you, our members, the SEA Bargaining Team made an initial contract proposal that included, amongst other proposals: 
• Reduce workloads
• Decrease time on testing
• Provide support for students’ social and emotional health
• Increase the sick days back to 15
• Do away with bullying of employees
The School Committee presented their proposals that included: 
• A longer work day
• No leaving the building during the day except for lunch
• More extended days
• Requiring all teachers to do at least 4 home visits per year
• Restricting the use of Prep Periods
• No compensation for attending STAT or IEP meetings during prep periods
• Eliminating the Librarians and Libraries clause
• Maintaining the number at sick days at 10
• Prorating the number of sick days
• Reducing from 4-3 the number of days of absence before you need a doctor’s note
• Restricting the use of Personal Days (not before or after a vacation day or during testing periods)
• Limit of child rearing leave to one year
• No cell phone use except during your duty free lunch
• 60 days notice for retirement or no sick time buy-back 
• Reducing the time the city covers the 40% balance on workers’ comp from one year to 3 months
• Limit workers comp leave to two years
• A dress code
• Reduce the SCDM stipend

Join your colleagues in a standout on March 10th one-half hour before your PD start time in front of the building you will be in for Professional Development that day.
Bring a sign, wear blue and let the community know we have no contract. 
Let our families and students know that we are fighting for them. 
All we’re asking is RESPECT US, SUPPORT US and LET US TEACH!!

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